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​Zé Delivery

Mobile app

Agency & Year

BEES Tel Aviv + Zé Delivery (ABInBev) // 2023

Zé Delivery is a mobile B2C app available in Brazil. The service consists of the delivery of cold beer for the customers, alongside snacks and other beverages. Working on BEES, I worked on a special session inside the B2B app for those businesses, helping them achieve their KPIs and purchase the best products for the end customer. Both companies are part of the ABInBev.


Design Lead

Interaction Design

Visual Design

Design System






How does the performance management, operation and services works

​Business KPIs

Zé Delivery businesses/stores, known as POCs (Point of Consumption), have to track and achieve these KPIs in order to have a better performance and keep themselves inside the platform:

  • Demand coverage

  • Cancelation Rate

  • Ideal portfolio

  • Time to depart

  • Time to deliver

  • User rating


BEES is responsible for the B2B ecosystem. There is a desktop website and a mobile app where the Zé Delivery businesses purchase their beers, beverages, and snacks to sell to the direct customer. Inside the BEES app there is a session called My Businesswhich gives businesses insights into how they can thrive.


ABInBev is a global brewery company that provides the marketing, brands, products, deals, and marketplace for each one of the platforms within the countries.




Develop a shippable omnichannel MVP mobile app baseline experience for Decathlon Brazil. The new app should enable to present the same informations that the existing website gave, a minimal feature-set, that could be build, tested and shipped in 6 months. 


The website and app user interface should be visually refreshed and use a new brazilian Design System, based on the tokens created by Decathlon Global, the Vitamin Design System.


The site map should have a department based navigation allowing users to explore about the sports they want to practice and search for products and sale. This meant special content sessions about the products, making it easier to the customers to choose the perfect gear for their sport’s practice.


The research identified 3 primary problems to solve


Businesses from Zé Delivery platform have a weekly compensation bonus per number of orders, that motivates them to manage their stores. The major problem is that they don't have visibility on this number until it is final, at the end of the week.

Product Portfolio

One of the key-KPIs that those businesses need to achieve is the ideal portfolio, products recommended by ABInBev, provided as a PDF inside the Zé management tool. Today, there is no actionability for them to purchase those products.

Live performance

Alongside the KPIs, there is also a performance report of the business that is sent as a PDF by WhatsApp for those retailers. Those metrics include the best day and hours to sell, courier information, etc. Also, something that there is no live tracking on any platform.


How might we help Zé Delivery businesses to improve their performance


We converted our key problems into opportunities to solve on My Business session inside BEES

Maximize compensation

Create a gamifiying experience that shows all the parameters and compensation in a clear way, motivating the stores to improve and seize their full potential.

Personalized insights

Give the users visibility into their growth opportunities and show them how they can increase their sales, by providing personalized insights for each scenario they are facing in each performance KPI.

Centralized tracking

Unify the multiple performance management channels into one place, the My Business session. Make it possible for the users to get a snapshot of what is currently going on in their business and create actionability.

Project Launch Results

4.7 million active users

+9% vs 2022

72% of brand awareness

+27% vs 2022

NPS of +80

+7pts vs 2022

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