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Hackaton // Kobe Creative Software House // 2020

Mentor.aí is a mobile app concept for mentorship. This project was the winner of the HackaKobe competition, the Kobe Creative Software House hackaton. A platform that connects underprivileged communities to content and mentorships facilitated by professionals who want to make a social impact. 


Design Lead


Interaction Design

Visual Designer

Design System





Our desk research identified 3 primary problems in Brazilian education nowadays


People that belong to underprivileged communities face a lot of bureaucracy when it comes to enroll in professional courses, with a lot of paperwork to present.


Most of the courses or mentorship that these communities have access are too restrict and don't offer a self paced, context based problem solving and personalized attendance.


Underprivileged communities have a high rate of courses and mentorship abandonment. They find it demotivating because have too many responsibilities alongside to manage.


How might we make professional and entrepreneurial education accessible , to underprivileged communities ?


We converted our key problems into opportunities to solve during the design phase

User friendly platform

We decided to create a mobile app with a user friendly interface, registration and navigation. It would help to decrease the bureaucratic process.


The platform needed to have courses and content focused on its users reality context, presenting an accessible language, multiple degree self-paced courses and mentorship. 


To motivate users to use and comeback to the platform, aiming to finish their courses and have their mentorships, we used a gamification system with levels and rewards. Also, all students could become a mentor, in with certain requirements.


Based on the business strategy we started to be more empath and dig in for information on our possible users. With the help of empathy maps, that guided us through user goals, pain points and habits, the team created three personas:​

Eduardo, 17yo

Public school student, lives with his mother and three brothers at an underprivileged community of Porto Alegre, Brazil.


  • Provide a better quality of life for his family

  • Loves math

  • Dream of being an engineer

  • Wants to buy his own house

Fernanda, 32yo

Works as a house cleaner full time and also with repairs clothes for the community she lives in. Didn't finished high school and has two children.


  • Provide a better quality of life for his family

  • Loves fashion

  • Dream to have her own clothing business

  • Wants her children to enter universities

Claudia, 26yo

Public university graduate student, works on a startup. She comes from a underprivileged community but nowadays lives in a shared apartment at city downtown. 


  • Make social impact in undersprivileged communities 

  • Become an influencer who inspires other women

  • Develop herself as a reference in her career


From the persona creation, I've created a user flow diagram to map every step of the user interaction required to achieve the main goal of this app: As an user, I want to find a mentor.


Medium fidelity wireframes and prototype

The app had the minimal iterations possible to present the MVP idea at the hackaton.

Final designs

After the Hackaton, some design improvements were made to publish the project.

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