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Reserva NOW 

Website, Customer Management System (CMS)

Agency & Year

Kobe Creative Software House // 2021

Reserva is a Brazilian clothing brand owned by Arezzo. The website made in this project is an Customer Management Service where the stores employees can offer the clients to purchase the perfect products for them.


Design Lead

User Research

Interaction Design

Visual Designer





Our research identified 2 primary problems to solve at the first shipping phase

Multiple accounts

Investment fund managers have more than one company identification number to follow up. People agreed having multiple accounts to log in was tiring.


The platform was outsourced from another company that developed the APIs, being feature limited and without any link to XP visual identity and design system. 


How might we build an innovative platform that better support our clients to manage their funds?


We converted our key problems into opportunities to solve during the redesign.


Develop a innovative and shippable MVP baseline experience for Fiduciary Management Services. This meant supporting a minimal feature-set that could be built, tested and shipped in 6 months.

To facilitate

The new platform must support our clients to make their best decisions for their funds, facilitating for them to manage every step of the process.


We must reach product-market within 12 months and become a reference before growing to other features.


The new platform presented the key-features to be shipped

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