The challenge


Mentor.aí is a mobile app concept that seeks to help underprivileged communities to find free and accessible professional mentorship.


The platform presents recommended courses and mentors based on the user preferences
for content. It also makes possible to learners become mentors through a gamification system.


This app was designed as a product of a remote Hackaton that had the objetive to create technological solutions for today’s education. The project won the 1st place at the competition.

My role:​​​

  • Design Lead

  • User flow

  • Persona’s creation

  • User interface

  • Prototyping


Based on the business strategy we started to be more empath and dig in for information on our possible users. With the help of empathy maps, that guided us through user goals, pain points and habits, the team created three personas:

  • Eduardo, a high school student that dreams to be an engineer

  • Fernanda, a cleaning services worker that wants to open her own fashion business

  • Claudia, a product owner that used to be a part of an underprivileged community

Frame 4.png
User flow

From the persona creation, I've created a user flow diagram to map every step of the user interaction required to achieve the main goal of this app: "As a user, I want to find a mentor".

High Fidelity Wireframes


Once we had our userflow approved by the team, I started designing our app user interface in Figma. I created clean minimalist concept. The main concept for this UI was to complement the business guidelines, designing a fun and user-friendly platform.


I created a prototype in Figma from the UI. The prototype allowed our team to show to the evaluation board the navigation and usability, as well as what could be our design language for the components and how layouts should look like.

Pitch presentation


At the end of the day, our team presented all the process of business and design solutions for the problem. The result was the 1st place at the competition, with the best strategy and product. Check out:

HackaKobe Squad 4_page-0001
HackaKobe Squad 4_page-0001

HackaKobe Squad 4_page-0002
HackaKobe Squad 4_page-0002

HackaKobe Squad 4_page-0024
HackaKobe Squad 4_page-0024

HackaKobe Squad 4_page-0001
HackaKobe Squad 4_page-0001